Why is the cost form AliExpress not used in the Dashboard?

We use the tracking number from AliExpress to connect AliExpress orders to Shopify orders.

AliExpress orders go through multiple states before they actually get the tracking number assigned. AliExpress orders need to be paid and shipped. If this is not case we can't show you the correct cost or we can't connect orders properly. If order changed the state and this is not reflected in the Orderlist simply click on 'Update Orders' on AliExpress to send the latest tracking numbers and order state to Profitario.

You can check the state of you AliExpress order in the AliExpress Orderlist: Orderlist

The status should be Shipped and the Payment should be Paid.

Here is more info on how to upload orders to Profitario:

If you want to change the Settings of the order upload:

I just fulfill parts of my orders through AliExpress. How can I apply a cost in this case?

We are using a Level system to apply costs to orders.

Level 2 is the manual cost you add through the Cost of Goods menu.

Level 1 is the cost we apply on the order level ( AliExpress, CSV File or manual cost change )

A Level 1 cost will always overwritte a Level 2 cost if it is available.

If no Level 2 cost is available we will just leave the cost empty or apply the Level 1 cost if available.

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