You currently can't import orders that have been bought before 01.01.2018. AliExpress has limited the access on their website for these orders.

Make sure you have selected the correct filters.

By default the dashboard will only show orders that have been paid in the last 7 days. To change this you need to select a timeframe that includes orders that have been paid.
The timeframe can be changed on the top left of the dashboard.

Rerun import once again.

Webpages sometimes fail to load and thus the export might get stuck. Just click 'Update Orders' once again and the export shouldt start up properly.

Error page

Go to Integrations -> Extensions (Click here) and look for the AliExpress logo. Right under the logo the UI should read 'Installed' in a white box.

If the text is stuck on 'Verifying ... ' change the store on the dashboard and try again.
Contact us in the live chat if this error still persists

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