We need to limit how fast we can scrape data from the AliExpress Order page to not get limited.
After testing multiple settings we have figured out a save setting that should work for all users.

Page Delay: 5 seconds
Order Delay: 1050 ms

Depending on your internet connection and your computer you might still get limited by AliExpress. If this happens increase the Order Delay and wait for 30 minutes before you start the export again.

Update Settings:

The update settings are getting used when you click on 'Update Orders' to start an export.

Update Processing Orders
It might take some time for an order to get shipped by your supplier. All Orders are in the state processing before they change to the state shipped.
When this setting is enabled the extension will update all orders that are in the state processing

Update Shipped Orders
After an order has been shipped AliExpress is waiting for the order to get delivered. When an order got delivered the state changes from shipped to finished.
Orders might also get closed after a 60 day period from the day the order has been shipped.
If you want to update orders that have been shipped you can enable this setting.

Enabling this setting might slow down the update process significantly.

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