For accounting or payment purposes your adaccount might be setup in a different currency than your store. When you change the currency within Profitario we will convert the daily adspend using accurate conversion rates directly from the european central bank.

Changing the currency within Proftario will not have any effect on you AdAccount on Facebook. We will convert the downloaded adspend on our server and not adjust the settings on your adaccount directly.

To change the currency of your adspend within Profitario you need to go to the Settings Menu for the Facebook Integration. Link to Settings Menu

We will show you a warning for adaccounts that don't match the currency of your store.

Currency of store and adaccout not matching

To change the currency simply select the currency you want to convert to in the dropdown menu of the adaccount.
Once you have made the appropiate changed click 'Apply'.

Converting the currency might take some time depending on how long the adaccount has been running ads for. You can check the progress on the Dashboard. Once the conversion is completed the Dashboard will refresh automatically.

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