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Edit CSV File using Microsoft Excel

Download the template file with the Download Template Menu. If you don't know which template to choose click here.

Open the file in Microsoft Excel. You will see a list like this:

Convert the rows into indivdual columns.
First select to whole column of A by clicking on the Column named A
Then click on Data and choose 'Text to Columns'

This will open the Text to Columns Wizard
Select Delimited in the first step and click Next.

Select Comma to seperate the rows into individual columns.
You should now see individuall rows in the tabel. Reference point 2 in the picture below.
Continue by clicking Next

Since Excel sometimes interprets id's and Costs incorrectly you have to mark every row as Text .
Do this by slecting every Column an change the column data format to Text

If you do not change the Column Data Format to Text, the import will not interpret the file correctly.

You will now see a table that looks like this:
Learn how to change the data here:

Change data in Productlist template
Change data in Orderlist template

Updated on: 06/05/2020

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