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How to add cost changes to the dashboard (Historical Cost) ?

At soem point in tiem your supplier will change his prices. Both an increase aswell as a dcrease can be accounted for with the Historical Cost Feature.
You can set the Price change for the whole product or just for individual variants.

To make changes go to the Cost Of Goods menu. On the right side of the table you will notice a little ' ... ' icon. When you click on the Icon a menu will open. Slect 'Hisotrical Cost' to open the Menu where you can adjust the prices (3).

If you want to set the price change for the whole product click the icon in the product row (1). If you just want to make a price change for a singel variant you have to expand the product row by clicking on the ' + ' icon and the select the ' ... ' icon in the correspondig variant row (2).

How to apply the price change ?

Lets assume our supplier change the price twice within one month. On the second of april he increased the price to $20 and on the first of may he increased the price again to $30.
On a diagramm the price change would look like this:

All orders before the second of april should remain unchanged. To set this up in the menu you have to leave the from date in the first row empty.
Addionally we want to use the new cost on all future orders. To set this up in the menu you have to leave the to date empty in the last row.

You can only set a price change on the daily level. You can not set a specific time or a specific order number from when a price change should be used.

Updated on: 04/08/2022

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