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How to get started with Profitario?

Thank you for installing Profitario 🎉

You are currently on the Profitario Helpdesk. This is the best place to look for guides on how to setup Profitario and to find additional information.
If you still need more help feel free to contact our live chat by clicking the Chat Icon on the bottom left in Profitario.

When your follow the steps bellow you will be setup in no time to use Profitario.

Connect your Marketing Channels
Connect Facebook Ads
Connect Google Ads

Add the Cost of your Goods

You can add the Cost of your Goods in this Menu: Link
It is also possible to upload your AliExpress Orders to Profitario. If the tracking number from AliExpress matches the tracking number from Shopify the cost will be added automatically to the Order.
AliExpress Setup Guide

Setup Shipping Cost

Shipping Cost Guide

Add Transaction Fees

Transaction Fee Setup Guide

Add Taxes

Add Other Expenses

You should now be completely setup for using Profitario!

Feel free to contact us at any time in the Live Chat if something is not working as you expected.

Updated on: 11/05/2020

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