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How to change the ad spend currency?

For accounting or payment purposes your ad account might be setup in a different currency than your store. When you change the currency within Profitario we will convert the daily ad spend using accurate conversion rates directly from the european central bank.

Changing the currency within Proftario will not have an effect on the underlying ad account. We will convert the downloaded ad spend on our server and not adjust the settings on your ad account directly.

To change the currency of your ad spend within Profitario you need to opent he settings menu of the marketing integration you want to change the currency for. Click on the
integration on the integration page to open the settings menu

Facebook Settings
Google Ads Settings
Snapchat Settings
TikTok Settings
Pinterest Settings

We will show you a warning for ad accounts that don't match the currency of your store.

Warning message when the adaccount currency is not matching the currency of the selected store.

Click on Enable Currency Conversion to automatically apply the correct currency and start the conversion

To manually change the currency click on the settings icon on the right of the ad account item. In the settings menu that opens up select the currency you want to convert the ad spend to.

Ad Account settings menu

Updated on: 16/08/2022

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