As Standard AlIExpress Orders always get exported in US Dollars. If you need the invoices in your local currency or if you need to check the amount you have paid with your credit card statment you can easily change the currency used by Profitario.

Do to that go to Settings -> AliExpress. (Click here)

Select the correct currency that you want to display on your invoice in the dropdown menu and click apply.

If you have a lot of orders your account, the conversion might take a few minutes. Got to the dashboard to check the progress of the conversion process.
The currency you select here will also be used as cost for your shopify store and not just on the invoices.

Depending on the currency of the store you have currently selected on the dashboard, the UI might give you a warning that the currencies do not match.

Currency missmatch

Set the same currency in the dropdown menu as stated in the Information to remove this error.
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