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How to change the AliExpress order upload settings?

Changing the upload settings of the AliExpress extensions is only available of accounts that have purchased the speed addon or the unlimited addon

Open the AliExpress Extension Settings: Click here

What are the upload speed settings?

Parallel Uploads
The biggest chunk of time during the upload is spent on waiting for responses from the AliExpress servers. To speed up the upload process you can controll the amount of parallel request the extension is sending to the AliExpress servers. Settings the parallel uploads to 5 will let the extension download 5 AliExpress orders at once.

Order Delay
Slower computers might have issues rendering the AliExpress order list when we are going to fast with the upload. If you notice issues with the upload set the delay to about 1000ms to prevent issues. If you don't see any issues you can go as low as 100ms delay.

Some internet connections require us to go a little slower to prevent failed uploads and some computers are also to slow to handle fast upload speeds. While in most cases it is safe to completely remove the order delay we usually recommend going with 5 parallel uploads first before going higher.

What are the order state upload settings?

The update settings are getting used when you click on 'Update Orders' to start an export.

Processing Orders
It might take some time for an order to get shipped by your supplier. All Orders are in the state processing before they change to the state shipped.
When this setting is enabled the extension will update all orders that are in the state processing

Shipped Orders
After an order has been shipped AliExpress is waiting for the order to get delivered. When an order got delivered the state changes from shipped to finished.
Orders might also get closed after a 60 day period from the day the order has been shipped.
If you want to update orders that have been shipped you can enable this setting.

Updated on: 16/08/2022

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