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How to open the AliExpress CSV download?

First you need to download the CSV File from Profitario. To do So go to Reports -> AliExpress and select teh timeframe you want to download on the top right of the page. (

Next click on 'Download CSV'

Once the download has finished follow this guide to get the csv download into format you can use to make you on calculations.

Edit CSV File using Microsoft Excel

Once you have finished the import continue bellow

**Remove Duplicates**

You might have noticed thatz there are mutliple lines for orders that include multiple different products. So every line does not represent an order but rather an order item.

If we want to calculate the total of all payments we have to first remove the duplicate souce_order_id from the file.

Click on the column A label.

Select Data in the menu bar.

Click on Remove Duplicates

Select 'Expand the collection'

Click 'Remove Duplicates'

An new window will open where you have to select which rows have to be used to filter for the unique value.

Click on Unselect All

Select Column A ( or the column that contains the aliexpress order if you did make changes to the file)

Click OK

You file will now only contain individual orders and not all order items.

It is now possible to calcualte the sum of all your payments.

To do that you first need to find the column '_payment_total_target_'. This column contains the total payment converted to you target currency.

You now have to caluclate the sum by using the follwing formular.

=SUM(AC2:AC100)You have to replace AC100 by the last cell of you sheet

Filter by order state

To filter by order state you have to add a filter to you sheet.

Click on the triangle in the top right of your excel sheet

Click on Home in the menu bar

Click on Sort&Filter

Select Filter

Every column header will now show a little triangle indicating this cxolumn ahs a filter.

Click on the triangle in the orderstatus column.

A menu will open where you have the option to select the orderstatus you want to filter for.

Updated on: 16/08/2022

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