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How to get a Shipwire Api Key

You can configure your Shipwire account to allow for one, or more users, to access it. Shipwire has the notion of four Account roles (or types): Administrator, Full Access User, API, and Customer Service.

You need to create new API User for Poriftario you use this Integration.

**Adding a new user (or API) role**

Go to Account Profile, and ensure that you are logged in as the Administrator.

Locate the Account Access and click on Add new user.

You will be prompted to enter your password.

Select the type API User, Shipwire will auto-generate the required password (also called a “key” or “token”) for maximum security.

For creating an API user, we recommend using a fake email address such as and unchecking the option to “Email user with account access instructions”. This will cause the administrator to receive an email with the API password details for this new user (rather than an email going to an invalid email address).

Once complete, you will receive a confirmation screen.

Look in you Email inbox for an email from shipwire.

the Email you shiuld receive will look something like this:

**Copy the Username and Password into Profitario to connect your Account.**

Updated on: 04/08/2022

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