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Why are there no numbers in Unique Visitors and Conversion Rate?

Shopify does not provided thoose numbers through the API.

To add thoose numbers to your dasboard you have to connect the Google Analytics Integration to your account.

Click here to connect Google Analytics.

I have the Integration installed but the numbers are still not showing up.

Once the Integration is installed you have to select the correct shop for your Google Analytics Property otherwise the numbers will show up on the wrong account or not show up at all.

To change the website of your analytics property open the integration settings page Under Attached To you should see the store you want to have attached to the property. If you do not see a store make sure the property is enabled and click on the setting icon to open the edit modal.

All Properties have to be enabled and active for them to show up so make sure the switch of the property is turned on.

Updated on: 08/08/2022

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