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Why are my AliExpress orders not updating?

We do not automatically import the latest orders from your AliExpress account. Every time you want to upload orders you have to go to the AliExpress order list and click on Start Update in the extension.

When you click on Start Update the extension will do two things.
The extension will upload all new orders.
The extension will update all orders in you account that need updating.

New orders are orders paid after the lastest order in you account. So if your AliExpress Report shows the last order on the 30th of July the extension will upload all orders from the 30th of July and after. Depending on your Extension Upload Settings the extension will also check Processing and Shipped orders in your account and update them to get the latest tracking numbers and order info.

The extension will look for orders after the 30th of July

Updated on: 08/08/2022

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