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Why did the AliExpress order upload with the extension fail?

Here is a list to things to troubleshoot why the order upload might have failed.

Make sure you have selected the correct timeframe and no filters are applied.

By default the dashboard will only show orders that have been paid in the last 7 days. To change this you need to select a timeframe that includes orders that have been paid.
The timeframe can be changed on the top left of the dashboard.

Rerun import once again

Webpages sometimes fail to load and thus the export might get stuck. Make sure to stop all running uploads. When the upload has been stopped refresh the page and start the upload again.

Check if the extension is installed correctly

Go to Integration and look for the AliExpress logo. The card should state Extension installed in green letters.

The AliExpress integration is showing up as Not Installed what should I do?
This means that the extension has not been downloaded yet or it has been disabled in your chrome extension settings. Click here to download the extension

The integration is stuck on Connecting Extension what should I do?
Please contact customer support this should not happen.

Make sure you are logged in with the correct account

Every time you visit the Integration page the extension will automatically connect to the Profitario account you are logged in with. When you have multiple Proftario accounts it might happen that you connect the extension to the wrong account. Check the account page to verify you are logged into the account you want to upload orders to. If this is not the case log into the correct Proftario account, visit the integration page again and wait for the Extension installed text. When you now start the upload again all orders will get uploaded to the new account.

Updated on: 16/08/2022

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