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Why is my ad spend not showing or incorrect?

There are multiple possible issues why your adspend is not showing up or not showing up correct. but don't worry all of them can be fixed with a few clicks.

Required plan to add a marketing integration

Marketing integrations are available on the basic and pro plan. You need to make sure your account is subscribed to one of the plans so that you can use marketing integrations

Restart the ad spend import

By default we import only the latest campaigns. If you account includes deleted campaigns we might start the import at the wrong date.
However you can always restart the import by setting the Restart Import date in the ad account settings menu.
Set the date and click apply. We will automatically import the complete ad spend available between the date you have entered and today.

Attach the adaccount to the correct store

All ad accounts are connected to a store. If the ad account is not connected to the correct store the ad spend might show up on the wrong store so make sure the connection is set up correctly.
The connection can be change in the integration settings menu.

Select the store you want to ad spend to show up in

If you are currently not using the ad account or you don't want the ad spend to show up in your account disable the ad account by clicking on the switch.

Make sure the ad account is enabled and active

And ad account can be in three different states.

Active: The ad account is connected and available to be used. The ad pend will get imported on every update and the ad spend will show up on the dashboard.

Disabled: The ad account is connected but the ad spend will not show up on the dashboard in any store. The ad spend will not get imported during an update.

Expired: The ad account is not connected. Imported ad spend will still show up but the account will not get updated

Make sure the access token has not expired

Expired ad accounts will show up with the red expired flag. Expired ad accounts will not get updated since we can't use the provided access token anymore. Follow the instruction on the screen to reconnect your account.

You can read more on how to reconnect an integration here: Click here

Updated on: 16/08/2022

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